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Robusta heels for sale! [27 Apr 2012|09:04pm]

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that I have a pair of Robusta heels up on Ebay. They're in really good condition, like new except for a little scuffing on the bottom, size 8. Bidding is at $40 right now, which is a steal for these. Hope this isn't too spammy, and thanks!

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FlueMarket [22 Mar 2012|06:05pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

This could be pretty cool once Fluevoggers discover it... a place to buy, sell or swap used Fluevogs :)


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LADY GREY WHERE ARE YOU?! [11 Jan 2011|08:55am]

I've been searching high and low for a pair of Lady Grey in cherry and brown. I can't even find them in black. Ebay, endless, overstock, WTF?! Have they totally disappered for good?!
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My friend has these up, and they are WAAAY more vivid of a brick red in person!! Lovely things! [01 Dec 2010|04:21pm]

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Fluevog Grand Nationals womens 9 black for sale [24 May 2010|10:30am]

I have a pair of the black knee high Grand Nationals new in the box, womens 9 (mens 7) if anyone's interested. $550 ^_^ I was saving them but I can't wear heels anymore from an accident.

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Hello! [26 Feb 2010|06:42am]

I first discovered Fluevogs through my friend Mischel, we were looking at shoes online and she showed the website. Since that momemt, I became obsessed for the first time I understood why many women are shoe crazy. However these were my kind of shoes, quirky, interesting yet stylish. I fell madly deeply in love. I wanted nearly eeverything on the website. However my eye finally settled on angel supervogs in blue and black. And that's what I ended up getting. I love them they are wonderful. Now however I want more. I want Lady greys and lovers, vibes. I am poor and I'm afraid the Lady Greys will disappear before I get them. Meanwhile I showed the site to my friends Wendy and Jen. Wendy ended up buying a pair and Jen ws entranced. I guess I spread the Flue.
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[03 Jan 2010|07:13am]

Hello! Happy New Year :)

I'm in "desperate need" (haha) of a pair of Fluevog Teapot Chamomile heels from 2006 in Russet/Prussian blue. I have two pairs already (black militaire and tan/green). By the time I had enough saved for the third color in that style, they were sold out. eBay has been no help. Sigh.

I was hoping maybe someone here would have and be willing to sell the third colour combination so I can complete the set. I wear a size 9 in that style, but I'm totally willing to go a half size and even a full size up (actually, it's possible maybe those didn't come in half sizes, regardless...).

There are a couple of photos under the cut to jog your memories. It's a long shot, but stranger things have happened.

Thank you!

FlueShotsCollapse )
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[04 Nov 2009|11:29pm]


I just recently found this community and I am THRILLED! I love fluevogs!

I only have 1 pair but they're great!

I am currently searching for a pair from the mini family. I need a size 11. I keep looking on ebay but I don't see any that I really like.

Glad to be here! Hopefully there will be more activity here! :D
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Which ones for comfort? [04 Nov 2009|09:35pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello all.

I have a pair of minis with a cut-out toe and white trim on black. They are the most comfortable heels I own.

I've noticed that the minis have a LOT of padding in the sole of the shoe, which probably contributes. The Operetta, on the other hand, looks like it has less padding... but the heel is a half inch lower.

Anyone else who is big on comfort have advice to offer on which lines of Fluevogs are as comfortable, or moreso, as the minis?

sort of x-posted to fatshionistas

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